Thursday, 2 March 2017

Confession: I Like Spoilers

I've been blogging for almost seven years now, and I think it's about time I shared one of my deepest, darkest secrets: I like spoilers. I know. I am a terrible person. I scroll through Tumblr and Twitter and Goodreads, actively trying to find spoilers for books.

It's now gotten to the point where, for some (not all) books, I go through spoilers first, and then decide whether to read the book or not. It's kind of ridiculous, but I think it's because I have found so many books disappointing (especially last books in series - I have so many unfinished series right now) that at this stage, I'd rather not waste my time on a book if I know I really really won't like what happens/how it ends.

So, yes. I go looking for spoilers, and I get really annoyed when I can't find any. I want to know if my ship is endgame, damn it! I want to know if a stupid love triangle is going to be introduced! I want to know if the main characters die! Because if I don't know, I'm not prepared, and I'll end up being hugely disappointed if the book takes a route I reeeally don't want it to take. I rarely ever pick up a book without doing thorough research on it first. I will very occasionally, or if I really like the author, but in general, I look into every book beforehand. And I am very reliant on reviews. I will read dozens before I decide on which book to pick up. If it's a series, and I'm waiting for a new book to be released, I'll generally buy the book on release day unless there are already reviews out that convince me otherwise (yes, I will even abandon a series I am highly invested in if I don't like what the spoilers tell me. Doesn't happen often, and doesn't mean I won't ever pick it back up again, but I am not truly loyal to anything. Does this make me a terrible human being? Probably).

Basically, I have trust issues, and I hate being unexpectedly disappointed. If I KNOW I'll be disappointed, then I won't be as disappointed as if I hadn't know?

Obviously, I do still pick up books I'm not certain I'll like, and sometimes I'll think they're rubbish, and sometimes I'll be pleasantly surprised. It's only when I'm very sure that I will really dislike a book that I let the spoilers prevent me from picking it up at all. Usually, I just read the spoilers, and then prepare myself for what will happen (and it's mainly for already established series - I'm much less likely to search for spoilers for standalones or first books in series, and even if I do, I won't want as much depth as I would for series I've already started).

(I feel like I am really not explaining myself well.)

Also, I am just really impatient. I want to know what happens and I can't actually wait until I read the book. And it's not just books! It's TV shows and films as well. For example, we don't get season 4 of The 100 in the UK for another few months. But I can't NOT know what's I just read all the recaps media outlets post after the episodes air in the US. Keeps me going until I can actually watch the episodes myself.

I completely understand that a lot of people don't like spoilers and I of course wouldn't ever want to spoil anything for people who don't want to know (this is why you always need to tag your spoilers!). But I can't deny that I am a person who likes knowing things. I don't generally like surprises. I don't like being unprepared. And I am too curious to avoid searching for answers...

What are your thoughts on spoilers? Are you like me? Do you hate them? Did this post mortally offend you (I'm sorry!). I really hope I'm not alone in this...


  1. Ha ha! Yay! I love that you like spoilers! I don't mind at all having a book spoiled for me but most people hate it. I always feel like I have to be very careful what I say in my reviews so I don't spoil anything for those people. I totally get where you're coming from.

  2. I can have certain books spoiled and still want to read them, but most of the time, I don't like knowing TOO much. However, I love reading this because one of my best friends is the same way. She actively seeks out spoilers before reading books!


  3. I have to agree with you - when it comes to series, I like knowing if the last few books are worth reading. I'll always look to see what other people are saying, because I feel life is too short to read books I'm not going to enjoy. The only thing I cannot do is read the last page of a book! One of my friends always reads the last page first and it drives me crazy!! lol

  4. It's funny, because I can actually follow your logic here and it makes sense to be discerning in that way before picking up a book. BUT when it comes down to it, I couldn't feel more differently. It's gotten to the point where I can be super paranoid about getting spoiled and it ruining me. I remember I stayed off the internet completely in the month before DH was released (just in case) and when it came time to go to the bookstore at midnight, I also backed out because of a video I had seen of people spoiling HBP to fans at that midnight release. My mum went and got the copy of Deathly Hallows for me in my stead so I wouldn't have to worry, bless her.

  5. Lol, I don't actively look for spoilers but I don't mind spoilers for books I'm on the fence about. In fact, I'll often flip to the end of a book I'm reading to see how things end. Do you do that too? If I'm liking what I'm reading, then I get curious to see how things got to that ending; if I don't like what I'm reading and don't like the ending, then I'll put aside the book because why waste my time reading something that I know I'll end up not enjoying and rating poorly. I hate seeing spoilers from other people though on books/series I'm loving!


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