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Review: Trouble Makes a Comeback by Stephanie Tromly

Trouble Makes a Comeback (Trouble #2) by Stephanie Tromly
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Released: December 1st 2016
My Rating: 5 stars out of 5
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After a fall semester of fiascos: getting arrested, then kidnapped, then blown up in an explosion (all thanks to the weird but brilliant Philip Digby), Zoe Webster is looking forward to a quiet spring. Now that Digby has left town, she's finally built a regular high school life for herself. She's dating Austin, the alternate QB; she knows girls she considers friends; she's learning to enjoy being normal and semi-popular. Which of course is when Digby comes back: He's got a new lead on his missing sister and he needs Zoe's help.

Suddenly Zoe is tussling with a billionaire arch-villain, locking horns with armed goons, and digging into what makes the Digby family tick, even as she tries to navigate the confusing and emotionally fraught world of high school politics and locker-room drama. After all, it's hard to explain Digby to a boy like Austin, especially when Zoe isn't sure how she feels about Digby herself—or how he feels about her.

Now that Digby's back, get ready for another hilarious whodunit filled with razor-sharp dialogue, ridiculously funny action, and the most charismatic, dynamic duo you've ever met. And just try to stay out of trouble.

We dare you
(from Goodreads, though I have altered "Miles" to "Austin")

First of all, thank you to Hot Key for publishing this series. You have no idea how glad I am that there is a UK publisher for these books, because I love them so much.

If you’ve read my review of the first book in this series, you will know that I absolutely adored it. Trouble Makes a Comeback was probably my most anticipated book of the year (yes, more than Empire of Storms) and it did not disappoint.

Zoe had managed to wrangle herself a somewhat normal life. She had friends to chat to at school, her reputation was intact, and she even had a nice, regular boyfriend, Austin. Things were looking up. That was, until, Digby strolled back into town like nothing had happened, and expected Zoe to abandon her artfully crafted normal life to jump into danger with him again on his quest to find his sister.

Well I don’t know what Zoe expected really, but I sure as hell was glad that Digby was back to cause havoc. Zoe’s life with Austin was…boring. And I think she knew that and was ignoring it. It was only when Digby came back that she really started to act like herself again (throwing caution to the wind, getting involved in somewhat nefarious activities…all good stuff!). I can’t even explain to you how much I loved Zoe and Digby together. Even if we ignore the glaringly obvious romantic feelings they had for each other (more on that later), they just fit. They balanced each other out. Digby would propose something outrageous, Zoe would challenge him, Digby would do it anyway and of course Zoe would come along, because who else would look out for him? UGH I just loved them so much! I can’t explain it, but I could read about these two characters forever.

And speaking of romantic feelings...come on. Who (except, somehow, Zoe) didn’t see this coming? Digby! And his hilarity! Oh my God, one of his lines at the start when Austin was explaining that Zoe had described him as the “brother she’d never had” – I cracked up. In fact, I cracked up at pretty much every interaction between Digby and Austin because they were so different, and Zoe was so stuck in the middle of an awkward situation, and who wouldn’t find that hilarious?

Henry, Sloane and Felix were back in this book too, and I really enjoyed getting to see them again! Bill, not so much (ugh, Bill) but I get why she was there. And plot-wise, we actually got some interesting information about Digby’s sister, Sally. And of course, crazy happenings ensued (as you would expect); though there wasn’t actually a lot of action-y stuff happening, the excitement factor was still high and I have a feeling we’re getting close now to uncovering the mystery. It was also really interesting to find out more about Digby generally, and meeting his mum, and honestly, I can’t wait for book three (especially after the MULTIPLE things that happened at the end).

I was torn about rating this book, because I loved the first book so much but gave it 4.5/5 because it wasn’t perfect (thought what book is?). In the same way, this book isn’t perfect either…but I enjoyed it so much and I am looking forward to the next book SO MUCH that I have to give it a 5. So there you go.

Overall, please, by all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West! What no, I mean, READ THIS BOOK. Pick up this series. And join me in the agonising wait for book three! (It’ll be worth it though, I’m sure).

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