Friday, 23 December 2016

Random Purchases

After the stresses of Christmas shopping, I decided I deserved a few treats for myself. Then I decided against that because I was broke. Then I redecided that I could at least buy a few cheap things and not feel too bad about it. And thus, I bargain hunted my way around to find the below items. One of them is actually part of a Christmas present for a friend. The rest is for me...

The first thing I bought myself is probably the most me thing I have ever found:

It's the Perpetual Disappointments Diary. I ordered it from The Book Depository, which is why I received an awesome free bookmark as well (so pretty!). It is unfortunately now out of stock at TBD, but I have linked to Waterstones instead. I think it's genius. The front pages are unhappy faces:

And each page of the diary section has a demotivational phrase:

I love it so much.

The next thing I bought is a necklace for my friend. It's from Etsy (link to seller's shop here) - it originally came in silver (which I personally preferred), but I know my friend loves gold, so I requested a gold version and the seller very kindly agreed to make it for me (thank you very much!). I think the end result is very pretty (ignore the terrible tree imaging, believe it or not, it was the only place I could get decent lighting).

So this next thing I bought because it was so cheap. £3 from Tesco (I think it was on offer). £3! And yes, okay, it may be intended for a child, but I like Star Wars and I like tidy bathrooms, so I couldn't resist. Leave me alone.

I mean, look at it! There's a C-3PO flannel, for God's sake! And the shower gel may look and smell like glue, but still! £3! Is this not a bargain if you ever saw one?! It's not online anymore, but you may still be able to find it in store.

Moving on to the purchase I was least impressed with (though I don't know why I expected high quality from some Tesco lip balms - they are cruelty free though!). These lip balms are just a bit crap really. Barely smell of anything, glue stuck to the packaging, and generally kind of rubbish. They're again not available online anymore but I wouldn't recommend them anyway:

And last, and most hilarious...another flannel (link here). This is a Frozen one. I promise you I am an adult. Even though the words "colour change flannel" appeal to me way more than they should do, I am an adult. Anyway, the magic words that are supposedly invisible and meant to appear once the flannel gets wet aren't really invisible at all, but whatever. How much can I judge a Frozen flannel? It does the job.

And those are my very random purchases! Still can't get over the fact that the bathroom tidy was £3. I do love a good bargain. Have you spotted any recently? Let me know!


  1. Haha, the Perpetual Disappointments Diary sounds like it would be my kind of thing too XD Gotta love those de-motivational phrases!! "Cheeringly depressing" lol.

  2. That Diary sounds so great! I may have to pick up a copy.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. LOVE the necklace for your friend - I think the gold works well. Love all the deals you found. That diary is hilarious, by the way. Sorry the lip balm was crap though. :(


  4. Way to splurge for yourself...and a friend. I love the Perpetual Disappointments Diary. I have one similar.


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