Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Little Box May 2016 Review

Soooo, I haven't done one of these for a while. I blame work. I blame all things on work (seriously though, to the bloggers who work full time and consistently post on your blogs, how do you do it?!). Anyway, I have now been subscribed to MLB for a year! So here's a review of this month's box, which has an Italian theme, the My Little Dolce Vita Box.

Love the design of this month's box! That outfit is fab, I would definitely wear that maxi skirt! I like the background scenery too and how it ties in with the Italian theme. I really like the yellow border on the sides of the box as well, it makes it feel a lot more summery!

(I apologise for my horrifically dry skin and terribly chipped nail polish.)

My thoughts on each individual product:

My Little Beauty Bain de Soleil - so this is an illuminating moisturiser for legs which is supposed to build up a gradual tan. I haven't had time to test the tanning effects yet, but for a moisturiser, it's pretty good, and has a nice citrus-y smell. I have really super pale legs at the moment so I will keep using this and see how it goes!

Baija Croisière Céladon Body Oil - I have never used a scented body oil like this before, but the little description card essentially makes it out to be a perfume. The fragrance is green tea and jasmine and is very pleasant! It's not a strong smell, very subtle, and I can't imagine it would last very long, but if you only want a hint of fragrance, that is slightly fruity and floral, then I think this would be perfect.

Courrèges La Fille de L'Air - this is another fragrance, and is a bit stronger than the body oil. It also has a slightly floral scent, but there's something a bit more musky about it too - it's not my favourite, to be honest, it has a slight grandma-ish smell (you know what I mean, right?) but I might still give it a chance and wear it for a whole day to see how it fares.

My Little Box Turban - this is really pretty, but I am so lazy with my hair that I don't think I'd ever wear it. I think it's a great thing to include in the box though - but I'll probably just pass mine on to someone who will make more use out of it.

My Little Box Ring - I adore this ring! It's so cute and it matches a pair of earrings I already have, so I'm really happy with it. I think it will go with a lot of outfits too, and the design is one that you could wear in summer or winter! Very pleases with this product, and I love the tiny little ring box it comes in too!

That's my review of this month's box! What did you think? Did you prefer any other beauty boxes over this one for May?

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  1. Looks like you got some cute items this month. I hope you end up liking some of the oils and fragrances, once you get to use them more often! :)



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