Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Beautiful Book Company Book Box Review

The Beautiful Book Company (see website here) offers beautifully presented bespoke book boxes, containing a hand-picked selection of six books - these would be ideal as gifts, especially for Christmas (which is just around the corner now, I can't believe how fast November went!). It also offers a book subscription service in which a different book, from the collection of your choice, would be delivered to your door (very nicely wrapped!) each month. I received a sample book box to review, so here are my thoughts!

So the box arrived promptly and was wrapped in very nice brown paper, and was hand-stamped with the company's logo, which was a very nice touch, and shows a lot of thought went into it (I'm assuming it's hand-stamped anyway, because it's ever so slightly wonky - which I love!). I would have shown you the whole package but it had my address on it and I don't know how to do fancy things like blur it out, so you're stuck with this corner image. Sorry.

Here is the inside of the box! I love the little postcard included at the top, that's definitely going to be added to my collection. Everything was very nicely laid out too, with some pretty tissue paper. The box itself was very sturdy as well, and overall, I was impressed by the packaging.

I really liked this little card that was included, because besides it having one of my favourites quotes on it, it also had a lovely message inside from The Beautiful Book Team, which was very much appreciated! 

And here is the actual book! Look at that pretty wrapping. The string! I love string like that. That's how I wrap presents at Christmas or on birthdays (or I use ribbon if I'm feeling extra fancy). And there's another stamp at the top! I really think it's the little things like that which really make boxes like this so brilliant. And speaking of little things, look at the image below.

Look at this! It's tape with quotes on it (or so I assume, I don't recognise this one in particular). I have to confess to you that I have a little bit of an obsession with tape. Lacy tape, glitter tape, patterned tape, metallic tape - I just love tape, and wrapping parcels with different kinds. I have never seen quote tape before though, so when I saw this, I was probably way more excited than I should have been. For me, spending that little bit of extra time finding a pretty (and bookish!) tape to use, instead of a normal one, just shows the effort that has gone in to putting this box together, and that makes me happy. I hope I can buy this tape online somewhere because I'd love to use it for my own packages!

And here is the book I got! A Room with a View by E. M Forster (Penguin English Library edition). This book is one you might receive as part of the "Classic Collection" subscription, where a classic novel would be sent to you each month, tailored to your literary preferences. I'm pretty happy with my book, especially since I've vowed to read more classics over the next year, and while I'm only a few pages in, I'm enjoying it so far!

So there you have it. Honestly, I was very impressed by this box, and with The Beautiful Book Company as a whole. The attention and care that was put in to creating this box really makes it that little bit more special. I've also just spent about half an hour browsing The Beautiful Book Company website, and they really do have an amazing selection to choose from. If this is something you'd be interested in, or if you're looking for a gift idea, then definitely check out The Beautiful Book Company! I'd be happy to receive a book box (or subscription) for Christmas, and I think most book lovers would appreciate what The Beautiful Book Company have put together here.

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  1. What a really cute gift/subscription idea! I have never seen quote tape either, but that's awesome. I think the little touches that are added to the packaging can really make something like this too! It just shows how much the company cares.



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