Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Little Box October 2015 Review

I wasn't too impressed by this month's box. First of all, my box was late. The boxes are supposed to arrive by the 20th of the month at the latest - mine just arrived today. Secondly, I wasn't a huge fan of the actual contents. For a box titled "My Little Creative Box", the products inside didn't really match the creative theme. I did like some things, but overall, I'm a bit disappointed by this month's box. I'm still continuing with my subscription as I have enjoyed the previous boxes - I just hope November's box will be better! Here are my thoughts (and once again, apologies for the photos. The lighting was really bad here...).

I don't really like the design of this month's box. I prefer the illustrations which we usually get - having a real photograph doesn't appeal to me as much. And it all looks a bit cluttered to be honest.

I do really like this card though. I have to agree with the quote! I always wish I could be a bit more creative. When I was younger, I always wanted to try out the crafts and things I'd seen on programmes like Art Attack - but it would always end up in a PVA glue disaster...

My thoughts on each individual product:

Nominoë Gentle Foam Face Cleanser - this cleanser is actually gentle as it claims, and didn't affect my ridiculously sensitive skin. It did make my skin feel quite clean and smooth too, so it definitely works as a cleanser, but it is quite drying, so you need to apply a good moisturiser after washing this off. However, it unfortunately has a very unpleasant smell. To the point where I really wouldn't enjoy using this product. I don't even know how to describe it - it's sort of earthy and chemical-smelling at the same time. I might use this if I'm really desperate for something when my current foam face wash runs out and I don't have a replacement on hand, but otherwise, it'll probably just collect dust on my dresser somewhere.

My Little Beauty Crème de Minuit - this is a night cream which is supposed "charge your skin while you sleep" and ease tension, tiredness and fatigue. I have yet to see if actually does any of those things (and to be honest, I'm not that hopeful. And I tend to just use a regular moisturiser at night anyway) but the formula is pretty nice, it's hydrating and has a nice, subtle smell. The packaging is also absolutely gorgeous. So pretty! I might test this out, and see if it's compatible with my skin - if it is, I'll use it for a while to see if does what it claims to do, but I doubt it will replace my regular moisturiser. If not, I'm happy to use it as hand cream.

Baïja Hydrating Cream - this is a body cream, and has a nice non-sticky texture. I tried it on the driest part of my arm (elbow) and it worked pretty well. My elbow definitely felt softer and smoother, and you could visibly see the difference. The packaging for this product is also very pretty, I love the floral design! However, the smell of this cream is very strong. It's not particularly bad, but it's just a bit too much, and I don't really like using creams which give off a very strong scent, so I don't know how often I'd use this product, despite how effective it is.

My Little Box Toe Bag - this has come just at the right time with the introduction of the 5p bag charge in the UK. I was hunting for tote bags the other day and could only find one! No idea where all my others went, so I'm very glad to have another for my collection. I do like the design too; the photo only shows one side which says "collect moments now things", but the other side is polka dots and a cute illustration. The bag itself is actually pretty sturdy too, so I'm very happy with it.

My Little Box Wire-Wrap Beads - okay, so this product is actually useless. Like, what even is this? Why would I need beads on my wires? The card description tells me these beads will bring "a little razzle-dazzle" to my "worn-out" wires. Err, no. First of all, as you can tell from the image on the side, these beads make wires look worse than if they were just plain. They don't clip on properly, they don't look nice together - it's just a mess. And why would I want to decorate my wires anyway? What's the point? I'm just not a fan - and this really doesn't live up to the creative theme of the box. Maybe I would like these beads if I were younger, but right now, I am unimpressed.

That's my review of this month's box! What did you think? Did you prefer any other beauty boxes over this one for October?


  1. I LOVE the packaging on the night cream. So cute! I agree - I don't really like the design of this box either - much prefer the illustrations. Doesn't seem like a bad box overall, though! I must say that the Look Fantastic box is definitely worth checking out if you it's beauty you're into. I was very impressed with the October box. Did a review too! I don't get it every month - I usually check Instagram/Blogs to see what's in the box before I get it. Ha! Kinda ruins the surprise but that way I only get the boxes that contain stuff that I'll actually use.

    1. I just had a read of your Look Fantastic box review - it really was a great one! I'm definitely going to try out a Look Fantastic box when I'm able. And haha, I tend to look up what's in the boxes too! :P There's always some variation with MLB so you're never 100% sure of what you specifically will get, but most of the surprise is gone. I'm the same with books though - I look up spoilers too! Unless it's a book I'm really excited for.

  2. Well at least you got a cute tote bag. Those bead things are weird. They might be nice to clipt the wires on head phones together so they don't get tangled when not in use but other than that....I don't get it.

  3. I've never even heard of this box, but but seems like a cute idea. Sorry this month was disappointing!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  4. I've seen something like those beads recently but they looked a lot cooler than in your photo. Sorry about that! The tote bag really is cute. I hope November is better for you!



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