Friday, 18 September 2015

My Little Box September 2015 Review

This month's box was another great one! It took a while for my box to get to me (after supposedly being shipped on the 2nd of September, it took over two weeks for it to arrive) but it was worth the wait in the end! September's box is titled the "My Little Fashion Box" - here are my thoughts! (And, as always, apologies for the terrible photos.)

I really like the design of this month's box! It's done a great job of shifting from a summery vibe to something more autumnal. My favourite of the illustrated girls on the front of the box is the third from the right, wearing glasses and a messy bun. I could never pull that style off, but I love it!

My thoughts on each individual product:

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid - I'll admit, I had no idea what this was when I first saw it! According to the description card, it's a "miracle cream especially designed for intolerant-prone skin". Well that's perfect for me, because I definitely have intolerant skin. I applied this product to my face and neck as directed (and my eye contour area too, which it is also suitable for!) and I have to say, it really is soothing. It is a bit greasy when you first apply it and I'm not a huge fan of how it feels on my face, but if it soothes and helps get rid of irritation, then it's worth it. I have some irritation just above my jawline at the moment, and while I can't yet say it's going away, the cream definitely made the skin there feel better and less itchy. It's also pretty hydrating (though not the best hydrating product I've ever used) - I applied it to my under-eye area, which is very, very dry, and it feels quite smooth at the moment! So overall, I'm pretty impressed! 

My Little Beauty Red Dingue Lip Colour - this is a lip cream that's basically like a matte liquid lipstick. It's a very pigmented raspberry red colour, which I tried on thinking it wouldn't suit me at all, but actually doesn't look too bad and I might wear it when I'm feeling bold (so, not that often, but still, it's a nice product to add to the collection). I like that one coat is enough, and that it lasts for quite a long time without reapplying. It is a little drying however, so I would have to wear lots of lipbalm before applying this, and maybe add some on top if it's possible to without smudging the colour. And the packaging - the packaging! It's so cute! Those mini polka dots just get to me.

Kératese Couture Styling Laque Noire - I've been really getting into hair products recently, so I was very pleased to see a hair product in the box! The formula of this fixing spray is especially designed to combat against humidity - which, once again, is perfect for me, because I'm actually going on holiday soon and was wondering what I should use on my hair in the humid conditions! I tried it out at home and while it smells lovely, I didn't notice too much of a difference in frizz levels (though my hair was down and I was just at home, so it's not really an accurate test of how good it is). I will take it on holiday with me though to see how it fares in a hotter, more humid climate!

Cointreau Cocktail Kit - what an unexpected item! I don't actually drink, so this will probably be enjoyed by a family member, but I think this is actually kind of cool. The mini bottle is really cute and the little booklet of cocktail recipes comes with a number of different and interesting ideas! I'm not sure how My Little Box is determining who gets the cocktail kit though - what about subscribers who are under 18? Can you subscribe if you're under 18? I forgot whether they asked me my birthday...

Alfa-K Adhesive Nail Decals - I have sort of a love hate relationship with nail decals. I love the idea of them, and would love to wear them (these ones are so pretty!) but I am so rubbish at putting them on. It always goes wrong, ALWAYS. I am determined to try again and get it right this time, but we shall see how it goes...

American Vintage and My Little Box Scarf - I got the blue scarf! Definitely love it, it's so soft, the pattern is very pretty and it will go with a lot of different outfits. I also love the box the scarf came in, 1) because the image on the front is really cool - the cut out bit that shows what the scarf looks like also acts as the scarf the illustrated woman is wearing, and 2) because the back of the box has three different ways to wear the scarf, which I thought was very creative! I have seen the black design of the scarf that other people have received in their boxes and I really do love that one too, but I'm happy with what I've got. 

That's my review of this month's box! What did you think? Did you prefer any other beauty boxes over this one for September?


  1. Ooooh! I love seeing what's in these boxes! I love La Roche Posay products - they are great for sensitive skin and I use quite a lot of them. I haven't used this particular product, but everything I have used from them has been really good.

    Yeah, you would wonder about the inclusion of alcohol and whether you have to be eighteen to subscribe. I remember I once got sent a mini bottle of wine as part of a book promo and thought it was a little odd as a lot of bloggers I knew at the time were in their teens - and the publisher didn't contact me beforehand to ask my age or anything!

  2. This is such a cool box! Thanks for sharing it!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. Sounds like a really fun box for September. I'm thinking of doing one-month subscriptions for some of my friends for Christmas gifts; then if they like what they got/the idea of the box, they can keep subscribing! I'm featuring a bunch of different boxes at my other blog this month: if you're curious!



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