Monday, 17 August 2015

My Little Box August 2015 Review

I thought I'd continue reviewing the My Little Box beauty subscription service, seeing as July's post seemed to go down pretty well, so here are my thoughts on August's box! (Though as always, I apologise for my terrible, terrible photographs.) This month we have the My Little Gypset Box and overall, I'm once again pretty impressed by it.

Not as huge a fan of this month's box design as I was for July, but it's still pretty cute and very summery. I love the fact that we get a quote card each month - my collection is slowly building and I'm running out of space for all of them! 

My thoughts on each individual product:

Korres Body Milk - I love this body milk. It smells so, so good - mine is in the fragrance Bergamot Pear and it is absolutely gorgeous. It also leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth, and is non-sticky as described, which means your skin actually feels nice after its been applied, and you don't have to wait ages for it to dry to get rid of that sticky sensation. I also really like the packaging - that greeny blue colour really appeals to me.

My Little Beauty Bronzing Powder: Summer Caress - I don't really use bronzer much but I love the colour of this one. It has golden tones and really does give a nice, glowing look. I would probably use it as an eyeshadow more than a bronzer (I know people will be horrified by this), just because I'm kind of terrible at applying any kind of bronzer/blusher/foundation. I react to so many of them that I don't really use those kinds of products much. I will make sure to test this out properly to see whether I do react wearing to it as a bronzer, but for some reason, my eyelids are less sensitive than the cheek area of my face (though I do still have to be careful), so I think I'll be okay there. And the packaging is so cute, as all the My Little Beauty packaging is.

So Susan Colour Hybrid Velvety Lip/Cheek Mousse - I was worried I wouldn't suit this shade of red (which is quite bold), and while I'm still not a 100% sure I can pull it off, I do like this mousse as a lip product. The colour stays on your lips for a pretty long time, and it's not too drying, which for me is great as I have the driest lips ever (and no amount of lip balm seems to help me). I unfortunately would not be able to use this on my cheeks (not even going to bother testing it because I just know my skin will not like it) but for people with less sensitive skin, I think it would be a nice colour blush, and the dual purpose of a lip/cheek mousse is always useful.

My Little Box Hair Ties/Bracelets - here's another dual purpose product; hair ties you can also wear as bracelets when you're not using them in your hair! I actually really like this idea - I have fairly long hair (it used to be much longer but I just had about 8/9 inches cut off) so I always carry hair ties with me in my bag in case I ever need them - but it can take ages to look for them because they always end up sinking right to the bottom.  Wearing them as a bracelet means you wouldn't have this problem! The designs are fairly casual, so you couldn't use these really for a businessy work outfit, or for going out, but on those days when you're in your jeans and a comfy jumper and you can't be bothered with actual jewellery (which for me is pretty much every day), these hair tie bracelets would be absolutely perfect.

Antik Batik and My Little Box Bucket Bag - I love this bag! I love the design and the colours, and it's actually fairly bigger than I thought it would be, so it could fit quite a few things in it. I'm going on holiday soon, so this will be the perfect thing to take to the beach, though I'm sure it would look great paired with a lot of outfits. My only little quibble is that I got a bag where the rope is very frayed at the ends, which makes it look slightly scruffier than I'd like. But apart from that, I'm really happy with it.

That's my review of this month's box! What did you think? Did you prefer any other beauty boxes over this one for August?


  1. That bag is soo cute. I'm sorry you got a slightly frayed one, but I hope it still works well overall. Those hair tie/bracelets are a really nice idea too. I'm always featuring a bunch of subscription services this September, so thanks for sharing this one. I hadn't heard of it!


  2. Another cute My Little Box!! I agree, this month isnt as cute as your July box, but i love Korres and the So Susan brand looks good! Gah, so wish they had this box in the US!


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