Monday, 12 August 2013

Liz's Lists #1

Do you like making lists? I do. In fact, I make lists for everything. So I have decided as I am so often making lists, I may as well share some of the book-related ones with you, as sometimes they're actually quite interesting (unlike my many, many to-do lists, which are often abandoned...). Today's list is a list of some of my favourite covers of 2013 (regardless of whether I have read or liked the book).

[All images from Goodreads. Clicking on the image will take you to the book's Goodreads page]


The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy, #1)



The Art of Wishing

Rebel Belle


Playing Tyler

These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1)


Hilariously, I have not actually read any of these books, except Seraphina (which was amazing, you all need to read it). And you can tell I have a thing for stars :P. I'm sure I've missed out a bunch of others I like, but oh well. I will probably add to the list if I find more. Do you like any of these covers? What are your favourite covers of the year?


  1. I love making lists too! And even if I can't write them down I constantly rate things in order in my head! I particularly love the covers for These Broken Stars and Alienated :)

  2. Lol, I love that you've read like, none of these ;) They ARE very pretty, though. Infinite Sky is a really good book.

  3. I'm with you, Liz---lists are pretty much a way of life for me :D My memory is crap.

    I really love Tumble & Fall, Art of Wishing (the only one shown that I've read!) Burning Sky, Rebel Belle, and I ADORE These Broken Stars!

    Some other favorites of mine: Scarlet (Cinder 2), Of Beasts and Beauty(the ARC more than the final cover), Conjured, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Born of Illusion...I'll stop there. I could go on. For DAYS. :)

    Fun post, sweetie!


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