Thursday, 14 March 2013

Jennifer L. Armentrout to be published in the UK by Hodder

Exciting news, UK-ers! Jennifer L. Armentrout, whose work I am a big fan of, is going to be published in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton! I'm thrilled because I love her books and can't wait for more people to be able to read them. Plus I haven't read Cursed yet (it sounds awesome) - I was planning to buy the US ebook version, but now I can wait for the UK one!

For more info (that is better phrased and less incoherent than my excited rambling), here is what the press release says:

Hodder & Stoughton Assistant Editor Harriet Bourton has snapped up UK rights to ten titles by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout. There are seven titles in the young adult paranormal Covenant series, a contemporary paranormal standalone, Cursed, plus two mystery thrillers written by the author. The Covenant novels and Cursed will be published first in eBook on 25th April, and the first mystery thriller, Don’t Look Back, will publish in April 2014 in print and digital formats.

The Covenant series is published by Spencer Hill Press in the US and Jennifer is currently their number one bestselling author across the board, writing across multiple genres including paranormal contemporary romance, and makes frequent appearances in the Kindle top 100 chart.

Assistant Editor Harriet Bourton bought UK rights from Kate McLennan at Abner Stein Agency on behalf of Taryn Fagerness for the Covenant series and standalone novel Cursed, and UK rights for Don’t Look Back and one untitled mystery thriller from Molly Kong at Hyperion US.

Bourton said, ‘Jennifer’s writing is so immediately engaging and interesting in whatever form her storytelling takes, be it a mysterious plot about a girl who wakes up on the roadside with no memory of who she is, or paranormal worlds – with brilliantly gutsy, spirited heroines – that are excitingly and convincingly imagined from the first page. I’m so thrilled to be Jennifer’s UK publisher, and she already has a cast of fans here at Hodder. I know there will be many more out there yet!’

What do you guys think? Are you happy about the UK buying rights? Do you think the Lux series will be picked up next? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Awesome news! I love Jennifer's writing!

  2. Yay, Jennifer! I actually haven't read any of her books but I would have to be blind to have not seen the excitement for them around the Internet :P Yay for expanding YA readership! WORLD DOMINATION IS IN SIGHT!

  3. Oh, awesome! I've never read anything by Jennifer but really need to, going by everyone's reactions to her books. Looking forwards to it!


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