Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much this week - I just moved into uni yesterday, so there's been a lot going on. I'm at uni now and it's...very different :P. I do miss home a lot, but my room here is really nice (besides the fact the heating doesn't work) and the people I've met so far have all been pretty friendly. I'm sorry for the lack of posts and comments - a review should be up tomorrow, and I hope to catch up on reading other blogs soon after I've settled in. Was hoping to explore the town today, but it's raining so I guess I'll just have to stay in and watch a film!

Hope everyone has been having a great weekend :).


  1. Good to hear you're settling in well, Liz! Hope you get that heating fixed soon! x

  2. Fingers crossed that you get the heating fixed up soon! It sucks when things like that happen. But I hope you have a great time at uni!


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