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Throne of Glass Blog Tour: Playlist + Giveaway

Hello everyone! Welcome to my stop on the Throne of Glass blog tour. Today I'll be sharing Sarah J. Maas's  playlist for Throne of Glass, along with an extract, the trailer and also a giveaway for UK readers! I hope you enjoy the post, and if you want to know what I thought of Throne of Glass, check out my review here.

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Released: August 2nd 2012
Find it on Goodreads

Meet Celaena Sardothien.
Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for greatness.

In the dark, filthy salt mines of Endovier, an eighteen-year-old girl is serving a life sentence. She is a trained assassin, the best of her kind, but she made a fatal mistake: she got caught.

Young Captain Westfall offers her a deal: her freedom in return for one huge sacrifice. Celaena must represent the prince in a to-the-death tournament—fighting the most gifted thieves and assassins in the land. Live or die, Celaena will be free. Win or lose, she is about to discover her true destiny. But will her assassin’s heart be melted?
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Playlist for THRONE OF GLASS:

“The Great Migration”: James Horner: The Land Before Time (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture): http://youtu.be/Rd2r_QyheXU

If THRONE OF GLASS is ever a movie, I like to imagine that something similar to this track would play. Whenever I’d work on ToG, before diving into the first chapter, I’d actually listen to a few of these “opening title” type pieces. So, just imagine that when the music swells at the 1:50 mark, the title of the book glimmers/sprawls across a giant, dark screen.

"You Don't Dream In Cryo. ....": James Horner : Avatar (Music from the Motion Picture): http://youtu.be/JyC1Ffp6Ahc

This was my go-to track when writing the Endovier scenes at the beginning of the novel. The tone definitely sums up not only the atmosphere of Endovier, but also Celaena’s mood/mental state when Dorian and Chaol pull her out of the mines.

“Medley: The Hologram / Binary Sunset” and “Medley: Tales of a Jedi Knight / Learn About the Force” by John Williams : Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqOBU34aVrc and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzczg3MreZg

I listened to these two tracks a LOT while writing the scenes in the throne room in Endovier, when Celaena first meets Dorian and Chaol (and then learns about the competition).

“Septimus” : Andy Brown, Ilan Eshkeri & London Metropolitan Orchestra: Stardust (Music from the Motion Picture). http://youtu.be/RMcc8TZvxXQ

This was my “traveling to Rifthold” go-to track. Whenever I hear it, I usually imagine an epic montage (and several scenes of Celaena being particularly miserable in rough weather).

“This Land” : Hans Zimmer : The Lion King (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_U4in8WeS0

One of my favorite parts in the novel is actually these two short scenes with Celaena and Dorian at the end of Chapter 6, when they’re camped in the foothills above Rifthold. Both scenes were inspired by this track, but particularly this line from the end of Dorian’s section: “Still, the image haunted his dreams throughout the night: a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back."

"Your Highness - What A Surprise!" and “The Girls, the Prince, and the Painting”: Ever After (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture): http://youtu.be/MS3-kAuE4DY and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5-e8ODRmLk

I used both of these for the two introductory scenes with Kaltain—the first, when Celaena overhears Kaltain talking under her balcony (…and there’s an “accident” with a flower pot), and the second, when Celaena, Chaol, and Dorian run into Kaltain in the castle halls.

“Watch the World Burn” : Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard : The Dark Knight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRYKyhof6b4

I used this track when writing the scene with Celaena and the other champions meeting the king in his throne room.

“Night Fight”: Tan Dun: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgr2wQiqBpw

The music that inspired the initial sparring session between Celaena and Chaol in the training hall. Fits the scene perfectly.

“Tryouts” : Jerry Goldsmith: Rudy (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXNwTczi2ks

This track in general just inspired a lot of the training scenes (in particular, that initial run through the game park).

“Success Montage” : Danny Elfman: Wanted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhDhvlkf4uc

Another track that I used while writing the training scenes, but especially for the scene when Chaol walks into Celaena’s rooms one morning and finds her doing chin-ups in her doorway. I hear this and imagine them running through the game park, or Chaol sitting on Celaena’s feet, keeping count as she does sit-ups. ;) I also used this during the scene when Celaena is sparring (AKA working out her frustration) with the wooden dummy, and Dorian & Chaol observe her from the mezzanine.

“The Goodbye”: Patrick Doyle: A Little Princess (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ_43AEuBYI

The inspiration behind Nehemia and Celaena’s first meeting (and music that I often turn to when writing scenes with them).

“Myotis”: Batman Begins (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://youtu.be/YPL9szloyX4

This inspired the Test when they climb the side of the castle (and Celaena does the crazy-ass leap to save Nox from falling to his death).

“Concerto No. 2 In C Minor Op. 18: II : Adagio Sostenuto:” Rachmaninoff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyStVGVW5a4

This is the piece that I imagine Celaena playing when Dorian comes to visit her rooms that first time.

“Chevaliers de Sangreal” ; “Beneath Alrischa” and “503”: Hans Zimmer : The Da Vinci Code (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5FyRZbqfeM ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptn1RdgohNU ;

The entire Da Vinci Code (and Angels and Demons) soundtrack actually inspired a lot of the scenes in the secret passages & Elena’s forgotten tomb.

“Atlantean Sword”: Basil Poledouris : Conan the Barbarian (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1on_N1R9vc

I imagine this playing when Celaena first enters the tomb and meets Elena.

View the full playlist at:



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  1. Love some of those music playlist choices! I can actually see a few of my favourite music pieces there so that's good I suppose. hehe. Great post!

  2. Great selection of background music, going to definitely have to add some to my list!

    Thanks you for hosting the giveaway as well, I emailed you my address :)

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