Sunday, 16 September 2012

HarperCollins to publish The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs

Press release from HarperCollins:

As the publishing industry continues to evolve in the face of the digital age, HarperFiction has discovered 17 year-old online sensation and debut novelist Abigail Gibbs, who has been posting The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire chapter by chapter on Having clocked up a phenomenal 17 million reads so far and amassed a huge global fan base online, this, crucially, will be the first time anyone can read the novel’s breathtaking ending.

Abigail Gibbs started posting her writing on Wattpad in September 2009, and overnight she achieved 95 reads and three fans. For the past three years she has continued to post chapters of her novel The Dark Heroine: Dinner With a Vampire, on to the site and to date they have been read almost seventeen million times. Nearly 25,000 people have commented on her work and 91,000 people have voted for it, generating a truly global audience. None of her readers have yet to discover the breathtaking end to her novel which is now published in ebook and will be out in paperback format in October.

As Abigail embarks on her university career at Oxford next month; with a global book deal in hand and at the tender age of seventeen, she is an example of how the publishing industry is consistently driven to find new talent through exciting and unchartered channels. These channels are evidently driven directly by strong demand from the consumer and are in turn creating a whole new generation of writers.

Abigail Gibbs says: “From first picking up a pen to writing online on wattpad, I have always aspired to see my work in print and I feel extremely privileged to have such an enthusiastic and supportive team behind The Dark Heroine at HarperCollins. I hope my experience as a teenage writer will inspire young people everywhere to develop the craft, even in the face of pesky distractions like school!”

The Dark Heroine follows sixth-former Violet Lee, who is swept up in a bitter feud between humans and vampires which has lasted centuries after witnessing a bloody massacre in London’s Trafalgar Square, and who becomes political prisoner to the brutally charismatic vampire prince, Kaspar Varn. Feisty, fast-paced and racy, Abigail’s maturity is breath-taking and the unfolding romance between Kaspar and Violet is utterly compelling.

The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire was published by HarperFiction in ebook on 13 September 2012, with a paperback edition following on 25 October 2012.

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Abigail Gibbs was born and raised in deepest, darkest Devon. She is about to start studying for a BA in English at the University of Oxford and considers herself a professional student, as the real world is yet to catch up with her. Her greatest fear is blood and she is a great advocate of vegetarianism, which logically led to the writing of her first novel, Dinner With A Vampire. At age fifteen, she began posting serially online under the pseudonym Canse12, and after three years in the internet limelight, set her sights towards total world domination. She splits her time between her studies, stories and family, and uses coffee to survive all three. 


  1. very interesting, i hadn't heard about this!

  2. i heard something few weeks ago . awesome

  3. I've just read this book, really really good! I absolutely loved it :) Abigail is a very talented girl.

  4. These stories as always are so cool! I hadn't heard of this one but looks like I need to get to it.

  5. DAMN. She's 17 years old? With 17 million reads? (17 is clearly her lucky number). And now she has a book deal? Way to freaking go!! I am definitely interested in checking this out!!

  6. This sounds really interesting, I like how she published online! Throne of Glass started off like that and I love it, so I'll be looking forward to this one.

  7. I got this one for review from Harper so I'm really hoping it will impress me. It sounds interesting so I can't wait to dive right in.


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