Monday, 16 July 2012

Contemporary Summer: Road Trip Week! My Road Trip Playlist

Welcome to the start of Road Trip Week! This week, Cait and I will be reviewing road trip books, having road trip discussions and generally will be featuring lots of road trip goodness. To start off, I have come up with a playlist of songs I would have on my very own road trip (should I ever be lucky enough to go on one):

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler
I know. A strange choice, you may think. Buuut, this song is so...dramatic! And loud and the kind you would sing at the top of you lungs! And as my road trip would definitely include singing along to the music, I think it's a perfect choice.

Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
I can just imagine the terrible, out of tune, hilarious attempted harmony of "Someone like youuuuuuuu, ooooohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!" now. A great song to sing with other people, because unless you are Kings of Leon, there is no chance you will sing this song well. So however terrible your singing voice is, at least you know no-one else is really doing a good job either :P.

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
I don't even like this song. You probably don't like this song. But no-one can deny how catchy it is. And on a road trip, I'd want to have fun and let my hair down and sing songs that are embarrassingly embarrassing - so on the playlist it goes!

(And I admit I do love the video... :P)

One Small Step by Parachute
This song is one of my favourites. It's upbeat and cute and I love it! And also a very feel-good song, and I would definitely want to feel good on my road trip. If  you haven't heard this song, I definitely recommend checking it out! -   -
Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
You gotta have some Queen on a road trip. It's like, required listening. And I picked this song because well, most people are gonna know most of the words. And it's great to sing along to! And very fun. And just makes you want to jump out of your seat and start bouncing around like a loon! (Though don't do that while driving. Unnecessary danger, right there.) -   -
Pokémon Theme Tune (Original)
CHILDHOOD MEMORIES! I used to sing this song at school, at home, at night (much to the annoyance of my family) - I LOVED it. And it's so motivational! This is the song you listen to when you need a push to do something. And on a road trip, a motivational song is necessary to get you through the traffic and bumpy roads and food shortages! :P. -
Heroes by All Time Low
Because sometimes you just wanna rant about stuff. But not in a depressing way. So you sing this song, because it's ranty and yet still manages to sound quite happy at the same time! :P
Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne
He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious? I used to love this song when I was younger. I still know all the lyrics off by heart. I'd be ashamed except...well, I'm not :P.
Don't Give Up on "Us" by The Maine
Don't give up! A road trip must be carried out in full - there's no turning back. This song is a reminder of not giving up on the journey! I love the lyrics and ahhh. It's just awesome. I was actually torn between this song and Some Days, which is another great song to sing aloud! In reality, I'd probably have both on my playlist.
All the Small Things by Blink-182
This song just screams "road trip". I don't exactly know why, but I can so imagine it in my head. Plus, this song is generally just amazing. It should be on every playlist for everything!
So, there you have it! My weird music taste has been revealed to the world. I have a lot more songs I'd like to include in this playlist, but the post would probably go on forever, so I'll leave it here for now.
What songs would be on your playlist? Do you like/hate any of the ones I've mentioned?
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  1. Wow! I actually know all of these! People sometimes like to list really obscure bands, and then I feel stupid for not knowing them. :P But I could sing all of these right now.

  2. "Call Me Maybe" is such a catchy song, no matter how annoyed I am with it (it's so overplayed on the radio).

    I love "Don't Stop Me Now" and "All The Small Things" - those are definitely great road trip songs :)

    Fabulous post!

  3. some most excellent choices there! I totally agree that Bonnie Tyler is a must!

  4. YES fab choices!! Tho, I always find Bohemian Rhapsody better for road trips/car journeys. Cliche, but it's wonderful when everyone's singing along. Def agree with Bonnie Tyler and All The Small Things. Call Me Maybe is indeed insanely catchy. Awesome list Liz!!

    Cait x

  5. To me, nothing says road trip like Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits. An odd choice for someone of my age, but when I was a kid, we listened to Neil Diamond tapes every car trip we took. Now any Neil Diamond song takes me back.


    Hahaha, awesome choices! I loooove Parachute and obviously Call Me Maybe is the perfect song for a long trip in the car.

    SK8ER BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was like THE song when we were younger, wasn't it? :P Man, I used to love Avril Lavigne (Canadian, that's right!). Plus, I just love the ending of that song... Take that, you prissy ballet girl :P Skater boy (sk8er boi, sorry...) doesn't need you after all.

    I love you Liz, crazy playlist (Pokémon theme song?! Where did that even come from?! LOL) and all! <3


  7. CALL ME MAYBE IS SO BLOODY ADDICTIVE. Ugh, now it's stuck in my head again. THANKS, LIZ. Hehehe, but yes, that video. I like it. I like it.. a... *droooools* lot :D

    Um, it's pretty bad that I have no idea what half of these songs sound like, isn't it? I swear, I am the biggest music nobody on the PLANET. And not just Planet Print, the ENTIRE EARTH. But from the way you describe them all, I love your varied mix of songs for your roadtrip! Pokemon.... LOL <3

    I'm with Sonia, LET'S ALL GO ON A ROADTRIP. You can introduce me to a crap load od new music :D


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