Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Contemporary Summer: My Favourite Contemp Covers!

Covers, covers, covers. I love covers. I have to admit, as much as I try not to, I do judge books by their covers a lot. I am much more likely to pick up a book in a shop if it has a really eye-catching or unusual cover. I figured since I like contemps, and I like covers, I'd show you some of my favourite contemp covers! Enjoy :).

Because the moustache is hilarious! And because traffic lights are unusual things to have on a cover. But how awesome do they look, against that creepy smokey background?

Because I want to eat the heart cookie. And because the snowy city makes it feel like Christmas.

Because I would like to be that girl standing behind the painting and because I love covers that are part drawing part real life!

Because I'm a bit morbid, and that grave intrigues me. And because that mask is awesome (and I think there's blood splattered on her arms...)

Because it's so cool and colourful and eye-catching! And because a road trip detour looks like a lot of fun.

Because those sunglasses are AWESOME. And you can see stuff reflected in them. And because I wish my garden/neighbour/fence looked like that.

Because it's just so...spy-y! And I like green apples. And because I love the colours and the rain and the green jacket!

Because I think it's impressive to make a swing look  that creepy. And because it makes me feel like baking!

Because yellow should be used more! And I love how they're holding a map for the title. And because it's supermegafoxyawesomehot! And everyone knows red telephone boxes are just amazing.

Another case of drawings mixed with real life objects. Love the little vase the most :). And because HOW adorable is that binocular smile?

So colourful! Awesome t-shirt and cool sunglasses! And because she's floating in the sky, which is awesome.

Because it makes me believe airports aren't that bad (even though I know the are :P). And because that is the cutest marshmallow snowman I have EVER seen :).

What are some of your favourite contemp covers? Do you like any of the (many) covers I've featured?

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  1. You picked some great covers! One of my all time fave contemp covers is the US cover for Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. It just screams summer to me, as does the cover for The Disenchantments. I love the cover for Reunited too because it looks so fun!

    Meant to be is also a great cover. Tried to get that one on Netgalley. Denied. Boo!

  2. Ugh! You and Cait are making my TBR list grow dramatically! I love YA contemp. And, yet, there's so many I haven't read yet. I NEED them!

  3. I love so many of these, I wouldn't even be able to narrow it down to 3!

  4. I love all those covers :) I haven't heard of them all but the covers are great so I will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great cover choices, Liz! I adore the covers for Meant to Be and Statistical Probability!!

  6. My favorite covers are Heist Society, Pizza, Love and Other Stuff that Made Me Famous and Someone Else's Life. =)

  7. Hehehe, I LOVE THIS POST, Liz and I love your reasoning for each of the covers! Out of the books on your post, the one I read recently was My Life Next Door and I seriously adore that fence too! I wish I have one like that for my house. I am also glad that the cover is as gorgeous as the story too! ;)

    Anyway, awesome post, Liz! ♥ Contemporary books' covers rock! ;)

  8. I love these!! I like the grave one, and the binocular smile one, and The Disenchantments has such an awesome cover. They're all pretty awesome really.

    Cait x

  9. I am SUCH a book-cover judge. I can't help it, I want to be less judgey because I've no doubt I'm missing out on some amazing novels. I cringe at ones that have that amateur vibe, which LOOK painfully photoshopped.

    Love so many of the ones you've featured! Hehe Bittersweet for the exact some reasons. Nom nom nom cookie. Meant to Be just looks COOL! Actually, thanks for reminding me I really want that :D

    I prefer the UK cover for Amy & Roger's, but this one is romantic <3 Looove the Catastrophic History cover, especially with how it relates to the story! And it just looks so pretty!


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