Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Contemporary Summer Event: July 2012

Hello fellow readers, bloggers, humans, connoisseurs! As you can see, I am back from, I mean exams. They are done, over with, and I never have to think about them again! Until results in August, of course, but I'm trying to forget about that :P. Anyway, this is just a post to tell you about an event Cait from The Cait Files and I are hosting throughout July called Contemporary Summer!

Baaasically, next month we are celebrating all things contemp. We're pushing aside all the other genres for thirty-one days to look at all the YA contemp awesomeness the world has to offer. I was never a big reader of contemp until recently, so I'm looking forward to diving in and finding some great new books!

Things in store for you: guest posts, reviews, top ten lists, giveaways (omg, guys, awesome giveaways, seriously, I'm so jealous of you) and even a Road Trip week!

For more info, I advise you visit Cait's post on her blog. She is more articulate than I and can generally express things without rambling like a loon. If you'd like to help us out (see more in Cait's post), then feel free to email either Cait or I or tweet us on Twitter! We'd love to include the blogging community as much as possible.

Thanks for everything, and hope you all stick around for Contemporary Summer! :D

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    This sounds awesome.

  2. yay I'm so glad you are back! I miss seeing you around the blogging world! If you need any help with the event just let me know! :)

  3. Hey, good to have you back to blogging!! I'd love to help out and there are at least a few contemps I'm hoping to read in July! Such a Rush, My Life Next Door...I find I am enjoying them more and more lately! :D

  4. Eeeep! Excited for this! I've fallen in love with YA contemps!

  5. I hope you did AMAZINGLY well on your exams! <3

    I am SO excited for all the crazy awesome stuff you girls have planned! I always say I'm going to read more contemporary, but it never seems to rank as high as fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, etc. Yet every time I read a contemp, I generally FALL IN LOVE. I'm looking forward to having a months worth of contemporary novels forced on me!

    P.S I love your looney rambling :D


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