Saturday, 25 February 2012

International Covers #4

International Covers in a kind of irregular feature on the blog where I take a look at some covers from around the world!

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
Released in the UK: June 71th 2012
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                              US                          vs                       UK

I'm torn here. I love the simplicity of the US version, and the soft colours used that give it that sort of mysterious summery feel. I really like the way the title is set out too. The UK one, though, gives off such a fun vibe that's really attention-grabbing and practically screams "buy me!". I like all the little images that have been put together as well, and I love that it's all bright and colourful. The way the author's name is written is really cool too! I can't pick. What do you think?

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
Published in the UK: January 6th 2011
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                            US/UK                      vs                       German

                      Portuguese                    vs                        Italian


So as much as I love the US/UK cover of Paranormalcy (it is really pretty), I think the Italian one is my favourite. It's gorgeous, plus it has a more faerie-ish feel to it, which I think is a little bit more relevant to book (Reth, anyone?). I know the pink dress in the US/UK one is also relevant, but ah. The Italian one takes the cake for me. I also love the font of the title, and the way the light from the top left corner is shining down  on the model. The German one for me seems completely random (why change the title to Flames and Roses?). I do like the background though. The Portuguese one is pretty cool; the image is quite haunting and definitely eye-catching. The Russian one just creeps me out. Don't like it at all...:P.

Which covers are your favourites? Any you don't like?


  1. I like the US version of Second Chance Summer the best. It seems to go along more with what I've heard the novel's about.

    I like the US version of Paranormalcy best too, although I like the title Flames and Roses. Very neat.

  2. Definitely prefer the UK Second Chance looks like the Amy&Roger cover without looking like a sequel. Love the Italian Paranormalcy too. very pretty. German one is just WEIRD.

    The Cait Files

  3. The Russian cover for Paranormalcy is freaky!!!

    I like both covers for Second Chance Summer - I like that the UK cover matches Amy&Roger, but I love the simplicity of the US cover, and it just screams summer to me!

  4. Oooh I hadn't seen the UK cover for Second chance Summer! But you're right - both give off an entirely different vibe. Which is kinda what the US and UK/AU covers for Amy & Roger's Epic Detour did. UK/AU was quieter, slightly more romantic/sweeter and the UK/AU was fun, in-your-face and BOTH summed up the novel really well. So I'm curious to see how Second Chance Summer relates to these both! And to conclude my rambling - I'm not sure which I like better LOL.

    Oooh where have I seen that shot of the girl on the Italian cover? I've seen it on another novel, but I can't remmeber which. Kristen has been blessed with so many gorgeous covers, but the US/UK one is definitely still my favourite! It's dark, yet pink! And just looks amazing <3

  5. No idea why they changed it, but the Germans get an awesome Paranormalcy title. Agree that the Italian one is best though.

  6. Okay, for some reason, I actually kind of dislike the UK cover Second Chance Summer. It just looks too... bright :P It's almost of kind of weird for me, but maybe that's just because I'm used to seeing the US version which is so much more calm. I do like how the UK matches with A&R (I DID actually like that cover though!). Weird.

    Oooh, the Italian cover is stunning! It's just like you said - it actually makes me think of faeries and that works for Reth. The US cover is still adorable though :)

    Hahahaha, I can't stop laughing at the Russian cover. That is so just creepy :P Definitely not a cover I like at all.

    I love when you do these features, Liz! :)


  7. I hadnt seen the UK cover for Second Chance summer yet but I have to say I love it! Even more than the US one! I need that book now! lol


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