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Review: Heroes 'Til Curfew by Susan Bischoff

Heroes 'Til Curfew (Talent Chronicles #2) by Susan Bischoff
Publisher: Self-published
Released: August 30th 2011
My Rating: 4 stars out of 5
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In the world of the Talent Chronicles, kids with supernatural abilities, Talents, are taken away to government-run research facilities from which they do not return. In this sequel to HUSH MONEY, all Joss wants is to be left alone with Dylan. But as more Talents are imprisoned by the government, everyone's looking for a leader. Some look to Joss, some to her worst enemy, Marco, whose new criminal plan threatens Joss's family and friends. Joss wants to stand up to Marco, but Dylan's protective instincts are putting him in harm's way. As the stakes get higher, can Joss find a way to embrace both the boy and her hero within? (from Goodreads)

Joss’s life has changed a lot over the past few months. Instead of being alone and paranoid, she has friends and Dylan, an almost-boyfriend, to share her worries with. But that doesn’t mean the danger has gone away. Joss is still a Talent, and her powers threaten to expose her every day. Old enemy Marco is planning something sinister, but there seems to be something else strange and frightening going on as well. As more and more Talents are taken away, Joss begins to wonder if leaving her life of solitude was the right thing to do, knowing now that she could never bring herself to go back to that lonely existence. Suddenly protecting others has become just as important as protecting herself – and Joss is sick of running away and hiding.

Heroes ‘Til Curfew was an excellent new addition to the exciting Talent Chronicles series. It flowed well in a way that made it really easy to read, and I found that time had literally flown by as I was reading it. This book was quite a bit darker than its predecessor, and a lot of serious issues cropped up that really headed the book in a new direction. I really enjoyed diving back into the world of Talents and into the minds of Joss and Dylan. Joss was a character with quite a hard exterior that took a bit of getting used to in the first book, because of the way she’d been brought up. I found that I had a lot more sympathy for her in Heroes ‘Til Curfew, because we discovered a bit more about her past and her relationship with her father, and I could see why she had become the way she was – she never really had any other choice. Despite all of this though, I found she was still quite a likeable character, even though she perhaps treated people a little more harshly than they deserved. I think she was a pretty great heroine and I enjoyed the chapters from her POV because her way of thinking was so different to everyone else’s and it was fascinating to read about. And even though the tone of this book was a lot darker in comparison to the more comedic Hush Money, Joss could still be quite funny and made me laugh a few times (especially when she was thinking about Dylan).

Dylan’s chapters were great as well, and I really loved his character. He was so cute (for a reformed bad boy, anyway), and I loved the way he felt protective over Joss but then felt silly for doing so because he knew how strong she was and that she could probably get by without him. He still tried to help her out whenever he could and it was clear that he really cared about her. He still didn’t get along with Joss’s father and I could sort of understand why – he came from a completely different background and just couldn’t understand why Joss was made to live the way she did. It was sweet how much he worried about her, and I just adored Joss and Dylan when they were together! They had some pretty hot scenes which were awesome to read and some really emotional ones that were equally as good. Their relationship overall was just very well done, and I liked how they didn’t end up together immediately in the first book and that things developed gradually and came together in this one. It made things more realistic, because in life, relationships don’t go smoothly all of the time, and I think Susan Bischoff reflected this in her writing.

Heather, one of Joss’s friends (whose power was mind-reading) was another character I really liked. She was kind and could also be hilarious at times, especially when responding to people’s thoughts! Some of my favourite scenes included her, and I think she was a really good friend and someone Joss really needed in her life. Kat, who I liked in the first book, didn’t stand out for me as much in this one, but I still liked her and was glad Joss had people she could talk to.

One of the most interesting things about Heroes ‘Til Curfew was Marco’s POV. Even though I hated him, I really enjoyed his chapters, because they revealed a lot about him and what went on in his messed up mind. Marco was truly an awful character, and whenever I found myself feeling sorry for him, he just did something despicable to ruin it all. But then again, the series would definitely not be the same without him and his crazy, savage ideas. If you’re ever looking for a villain you’d just love to see completely defeated in some awesome battle, then Marco’s your guy.

Overall, Heroes ‘Til Curfew was a fantastic sequel to Hush Money and I’m really excited to read the next book in this series! Definitely recommended to those who like teens with powers, or to anyone who enjoyed the first book.


  1. The romance between Joss and Dylan sounss great - okay, so you totally had me at 'HOT SCENES':D But I like that you say it felt very realistic. The fact that you found the POV of a guy you hated to be the most interesting really intrigues me. I'm curious to learn more about this creepy guy now too!

    This sounds like a great series, so glad you're enjoying it. I definitely need to get on these books soon! Brilliant review, Liz :)

  2. This sounds like a fabulous read. I love it when a writer creates a compelling character you don't like - and yet they're so captivating. (As opposed to creating horrible characters that make you want to fling the book away).

    Have a fantastic 2012 full of wonderful books.

  3. The cover of this definitely caught my attention. I love reading characters that I'm fully allowed to hate. I try, and fail, not to be judgmental in reality, so characters like Marco are an escape. :)

    Thanks for putting this book on my radar.


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