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Review: The Dig by Audrey Hart

The Dig (Zoe & Zeus #1) by Audrey Hart
Publisher: Backlit Fiction
Released: November 7th 2011
My Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5
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Zoe Calder has always been an outsider. Stashed away in boarding schools since her parents died, Zoe buries herself in the study of ancient worlds. Her greatest thrill is spending her summers with her archeologist aunt and uncle on digs around the world. And one day, while investigating a newly unearthed temple in Crete, Zoe discovers a luminous artifact that transports her to ancient Greece.

As Zoe quickly learns, the Olympian Gods are real, living people—humans with mysterious powers… Powers that Zoe quickly realizes she has come to possess, as well. However, when the people of ancient Greece mistake Zoe for an Olympian, the Gods must restore the balance of the ancient world… No matter what.

Zoe is forced to play a confusing and dangerous game as Hera rallies the gods against her—all except for Zeus, the beautiful, winged young god who risks everything to save her.
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The Dig was a fun, light-hearted, humorous read – the kind of book you’d want to read on a rainy day to make you smile. It starts off with our main character Zoe getting ready for her trip to Crete. When she arrives, she goes on a dig with her archaeologist aunt and uncle, and wonders off to do some exploring. She makes a strange discovery – and finds herself transported back in time to ancient Greece. With nothing but her non-functioning iPhone and a backpack full of granola bars, Zoe has to find a way to get back home as soon as she can. But as Zoe learns more about herself and the strange new powers she has recently acquired, she wonders if returning home will ever be a possibility.

If you’re looking for a book to make you laugh, then The Dig is for you. Zoe was a very funny main character with a great sarcastic sense of humour, and she was always coming up with these little one-liners that made me grin. She wasn’t like most teens – she had a hatred for Facebook, slang and drama TV, and loved archaeology and history. She took a bit of getting used to, but was a good main character and her experiences in ancient Greece made for some great reading! I loved the way she reacted to certain things – coming from an age of technology to a place where showers haven’t been invented yet would be pretty hard for anyone!

Another thing I liked was the spin on Greek mythology. If you know me, then you’ll know I’m a big fan of Greek mythology in YA, so the new take on it really had me intrigued. The Greek gods in this book were not the ones you know – it was really interesting to find out about them and how they got their powers. They seemed a lot more human than the gods from the stories, even though they claimed they were far superior, and I think it was great seeing the way they were so distant from the human world yet completely relied on it at the same time. Zeus was definitely my favourite; he was charming and witty and I loved the interaction between him and Zoe! Though things progressed a little too fast for my liking and I didn’t really understand why Zeus was prepared to give up so much for Zoe, I did really enjoyed their scenes together, especially when they were alone and away from the other gods.

The Dig was well-paced and never boring, and though a little suspension of disbelief was necessary, it was a great read that I think readers of all ages could enjoy.  The best part for me was that while it didn’t end on a huge cliffhanger, it still left me wanting to know more, so I was glad to discover that The Dig is the first in a new trilogy. I’m excited to find out what happens to Zoe next and how different everything will be for her!

Overall, The Dig was a quick, funny book and a fab start to a new series. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something fun or anyone who likes Greek mythology with a twist.


  1. I... had never even heard of this before. FAIL.

    It sounds quite interesting though! I'll go for anything with Greek mythology in YA and this one especially sounds fun. I can't imagine actually liking Zeus though :P Weird. Great review!

  2. I haven't heard of this one, but it does sound good. I could definitely do with a laugh.

  3. Agreed, I love YA novels that put a new spin on greek mythology. There is so much amazing potential to tap into. The Dig sounds like a fun novel! Like Sonia, I can't imagine liking Zeus or him being a... stable... love interest LOL. But I'm intrigued! Awesome review!

  4. I'm not sure how I missed this one but I really want to read this now! I love the whole archaeology/mythology thing. Its going straight on my to read list.

  5. Ooh, sounds interesting! Haven't come across this one before. Will have to add it to my wishlist as I haven't read a "fun, light hearted" read in ages!

  6. I'm going to definitely read this at some point. Really, I am. I loooove Greek mythology to pass off a cute, funny adaptation (:

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  7. Ohh this sounds really good! I'd never heard of it until now!


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