Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blogoversary Winner!

Congrats! Jade picked pre-orders of The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa and Half-Blood by J. L. Armentrout :).

Thank you so much to everyone who entered - and be on the lookout for more giveaways soon! I still have one giveaway open to win a copy of Brimstone by Alan Skinner (UK only), but more will be coming your way ;).

Thanks to everyone that recommended books/films/animes too - you rule! And for those wondering what DSCS stands for - it means "Dirty Sexy Club Scene", which is a scene from Cassandra Clare's upcoming City of Lost Souls, the sixth book in The Mortal Instruments series. Well done to everyone who got it - and if you'd like to read a draft of the DSCS, Cassie has posted it here!

To anyone who actually bothered to write a haiku - you are awesome. Here are some of my favourites:

Most common entry
I see you riding
Round town with the girl I love 
And I'm like, haiku. 
(I completely love this! :P)

Brodie and Cricket
Just had sex. So did Liz, but
She, with a Spricket.
(I picked this one mostly to embarrass Brodie and reveal the extent of her craziness. That's what you get for being mean to me, oh deluded one ;])

My Hot Boys give hugs
In my dungeon they lurk 'round
For your merriment
(LOL. I would love to visit your dungeon boys some time!)

I am so hungry
When this form is completed
I will go and eat
(I sympathise - I'm hungry right now, still waiting for food to be delivered...ahh)

Favourite random comments:

I just finished watching some quality Danny Phantom. That show's totes underrated. I mean he's a GHOST BOY. C'mon! That's awesome! Plus, Sam is my spirit animal. 
(Danny Phantom is an amazing show! Everyone, go watch it now, seriously.)

There was a spidey on my ceiling five minutes ago. Freaked the hell out of me, but I didn't want to kill him. I think he reminded me of a younger Brodie. Small. Sneaky. Creepy. I'm just not feeling murderous tonight. And you know, murder doesn't bode well with being a vegan and lover of all creatures. But dude, he started moving again and I went all telepathic and he LISTENED. He moved in the other direction! Away from me! I'M A SPIDER WHISPER. THAT'S MY SUPERPOWER. 
(I laughed so much when I read this...I think that may be the worst superpower ever :P)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sonia. She and her sister were sleeping in the same room and for some crazy, ridiculous reason, the sister was mad at the amazing Sonia (who totally didn't do anything wrong *cough*). She wrote a diary entry that Sonia read (um, by accident) that said: "I hope Sonia falls into a hole and lands in Wonderland where everyone is out to kill her. Except there's no Johnny Depp. Only ugly guys." Sonia was sad.
(A land with no Johnny Depp? O_O)

There were so many other brilliant entries but if I chose all the ones I liked, we'd be here forever! So thanks again to all you awesome people, you rock :). I leave you with this:

Evernay ickletay away eepingslay agondray (thanks to Rachel @ A Confession to Make... who put this as her Pig Latin entry. I think it's doubly clever because it's real Latin in Pig Latin. And it's Harry Potter related, so bonus points :P)


  1. OH BRODIE. I hope you are feeling ashaaaaamed. Seriously, how deluded can you be?! LOL, I love all the entries!

    Good advice too. Thank you, Rachel.

    Congratulations to Jade! :) Happy blogoversary once again, Liz.

  2. Usually winner posts aren't all that interesting to read but I love yours!

    Congrats to the winner!

  3. Congrats Jade!! LOL I can't believe you posted mine. WHATEVER. The only one you're embarassing is yourself.. you... you... SPRICKET LOVER!

    Oh trust Kai to do a dungeon one! haha. I love all these entries, that pig latin one is WIN.

    Apparently Wonderland isn't much different to reality for Sonia, except Johnny Depp actually exists in this one. Everyone still wants to kill her *snickers and runs away* NO. I LOVE HER. REALLY [dot.... dot.... dot....]

  4. Congrats to the winner! Thanks for sharing some the entries with us1 Kai was very funny.

  5. what fun entries! especially the one in pig latin ;-D

  6. congrats to the winner and again on your blogaversary! :)

    ...and everyone should definitely be watching more Danny Phantom. there's never too much!


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