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Two Mini-ish Reviews

Little Sister: A Vampire Novella by V.J. Chambers
Publisher: Punk Rawk Books
Released: February 13th 2011
My Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Ever since Jane Cassidy's big brother was killed in a car accident six months ago, she's been taking solace in watching cheesy vampire movies and yelling at the characters on the screen when they do stupid things. She can't control the tragedy in her own life, but in the movies, the characters can find ways out of the grip of death.

A chance meeting with Bailey Westfield, her brother's best friend and her childhood crush, catapults her out of her cocoon of grieving. Bailey's kiss makes Jane feel tugged under a rushing waterfall of cold, sweet darkness. She only sees him at night, and she longs to feel his icy fingers trace the outline of her jaw.

Jane doesn't realize that she's been (literally) sucked into the plot of a vampire movie. And she's not so snarky when there are teeth in her own neck.
(from Goodreads)

Jane’s brother Eric died, leaving her feeling alone in the world. She tries to escape her misery by watching vampire films with her best friend Danny, but even Robert Pattinson can’t make her feel better.  Then she meets Bailey, a boy who was Eric’s best friend before he died, and soon she’s sucked into world she’s only ever heard about in the movies. Jane begins to realise that maybe fact really is stranger than fiction.

Little Sister was a great novella, and was a nice change to your regular vampire story, due to the fact that it wasn’t afraid to make fun of itself and other cheesy vampire stories, and was very amusing. I liked the references to all the different vampire novels and movies, which were all very well-placed within the story and somewhat ironic, which made me laugh. I thought Jane was quite a funny character, because half the time she was making fun of the clueless characters in these books and films for not figuring out what was happening to them, when in reality, the same things were happening to her, and she was just as oblivious! I didn’t really connect with Bailey as much as I did with Jane, but I think it’s because the story was a novella, so there wasn’t really time for much description of backstory. I thought he played the tortured soul part quite well, however, and I liked his scenes with Jane. Daveigh was also a character I quite liked, and though I predicted what would happen with her, it was still good to read all the same, and I liked finding out more about her.

Overall, Little Sister was a nice, short read, which touched on a range of 
issues. If you’re looking for something short to read in-between books, I recommend you give this a go! 

Glee: Foreign Exchange by Sophia Lowell
Publisher: Headline
Released: February 17th 2011
My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Can Rachel Berry rock a beret? McKinley High goes international and invites a French glee club to town – ooh la la! In this hilarious culture-clash story, Kurt gets an entourage, Finn falls for a new girl, and Puck realizes that some suave moves are lost in translation.

In this second original novel, you’ll get more mash-ups, more show-mance, and more Sue in a brand-new story officially approved by the creators of Glee.

Glee Original Novels – they’re almost as exhilarating as a slushie in the face!
(from Goodreads)

Glee: Foreign Exchange is a great follow up novel to Glee: The Beginning, and focuses on the arrival of French exchange students arriving at McKinley High. The book starts off with Mr Schuster announcing that members of a French Glee Club from Lyon will be attending McKinley for a week. Everyone is looking forward to meeting the new students, and their arrival stirs up a lot of excitement. Kurt meets his fashion soulmates, Tina connects with a shy artist and Rachel meets her French counterpart; Celeste, the beautiful star of the glee club in France. With new friendships and new rivalries, can the two glee clubs work together to pull off their best performance yet?

I really liked Glee: Foreign Exchange; the story is set halfway during season one and is a great addition to the Glee series. There were some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments in this book, and one of my favourite bits was when Puck was struggling to get the attention of Rielle, a French girl who didn’t seem to be interested in him. It was so funny watching him fail and not understand why – the line “Did his charm somehow not translate into French?” cracked me up! Sue Sylvester was her usual rude and demanding self, and her comments about Mr Schu’s hair just kept getting better and better. Brittany had a few of her famous one liners, and I also liked seeing jealous Quinn and Rachel get frustrated over Celeste, who all the boys seemed to be taking an interest in. If there’s one thing about Glee, it’s that the drama never gets boring.

Overall, Glee: Foreign Exchange was a fun, light-hearted book, perfect for fans of the Glee series. The next book, Glee: Summer Break is out in July, and is sure to be another fab read!

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  1. Nice reviews, Liz! I hadn't heard of Little Sister, but I usually find contemporary literature allusions amusing and hilarious, so I might have to check it out sometime. It's not something I would've thought of picking up, so thanks! :D

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