Friday, 18 March 2011

Happy Red Nose Day!

Happy Red Nose Day, everyone! For those who don't know what Red Nose day is, it's a day when people in the UK "do something funny for money" in order to raise money for charity - more info here. Most people donate by buying a Red Nose, you can see a picture of mine below!

Bit of a blurry, weird-looking picture, sorry about that! But I decided to buy a pirate one, seeing as I just reviewed The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook :P. His name, according to the label, is Captain Conk. I think I'm going to rename him Mad Bess Kidd (Mad for short). Because I just took this test, and that's what I got ;).

Hope everyone's doing great! And let me know what Nose you got if you bought one :).

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  1. We have all three, and about three of each. ;)
    Aw, I love the name!


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