Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mockingjay Pain

So I STILL haven't got my copy yet. Even though it came out officially in the UK today. This is because my local Waterstones and WHSmith are STUPID and didn't have it in stock. HOW could they not have it in stock? I mean, seriously. The websites do. Sometimes I wish I lived right in the centre of the city. I bet all the London Waterstoneses and WHSmiths have Mockingjay.

So I was forced to order from Amazon. And the delivery estimate - wait for it - is August 31st. 31st of August. That's next Tuesday. I paid first class delivery too! I can't wait that bloody long. I'm hoping this is just a precautionary date and that it'll really arrive on Friday.

Because if it doesn't arrive by Friday I'm going to the shops again and I don't even care if I end up with two copies because I just want to read this damn book so badly.

And that's it. Rant over. Everyone who already has a copy of Mockingjay, I'm very jealous. I've managed to avoid spoilers so far, so please no spoilers! Just enjoy your lovely book while I sit here next to my laptop, rocking back and forth muttering the words "must read now" over and over.


  1. I hope your book arrives soon! I know I was the same way during some of the Harry Potter releases... :]

    Also, I passed along an award to you, here:

    Sorry if it's a repeat!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you haven't gotten it yet. :(
    I know that is so frustrating! If it makes you feel any better, I was underwhelmed by Mockingjay. ***runs for cover, being chased by rabid fans***

  3. @ Alissa: Ooh, thank you very much! I'll check it out :P.

    @ Kelli: Yeah, I've heard a lot of people have been a little disappointed with it. Just makes me want it even more though! :P

  4. I replied to your comment at my blog, but I thought in case you didn't see that, I'd send you another comment here:

    You would say "I lie down." Unless, of course, you're talking about an object; then it would be, "I lay down the book."

    The lie forms are lie, lying, lay, (have) lain.
    The lay forms are lay, laying, laid, (have) laid.

    I've always been confused by them, too. They all sound the same!

  5. @ Alissa: Thanks so much! That's cleared it up for me :P.

  6. If it makes you feel better, I don't have it either! I still have the read the second book though, so maybe that's why. :p Hope you get your book soon!

  7. Aww I hope you get it soon! I ordered mine online from Waterstone's and it arrived on that day. Whoo! But, I was prepared to ran to the Piccadilly branch if it didn't. I can only imagine your pain! :(

  8. I got and read it today. Four words: What the freaking heck.


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